drop leaf kitchen island table

Why You Should Choose Drop leaf Kitchen Island

Some people are using the kitchen island to prepare food, or simply eat and seat. Kids love to hang around the kitchen island too, and if you’re experiencing this, then it will be better for you to purchase the Drop leaf Kitchen Island. This is the kind of kitchen island that has an extension in the right and left part and it can be extend or closed whenever you want […]

white kitchen island with seating

Prettify the Kitchen with Kitchen Island Light Fixtures

Whenever we talk about the beautiful kitchen design, we can’t leave the talk about Kitchen island light fixtures. Well, these lightings are extremely necessary if you want to create certain mood and sense into your kitchen interior design. You have to be really thoughtful about putting the right lighting fixtures into it, because it will surely make your kitchen design more alive. The beautiful shade that comes from the lighting […]

kitchen island lighting ideas

Round Kitchen Island: Placement Tips and Tricks

Some furniture is made differently, but they turn out to be such a huge hit. You can see this on Round Kitchen Island, which is actually an unusual shape of the kitchen island but it turns out very fancy and becoming a hit. It’s like the new kind of interior design that people love instantly, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it if you see one too. It’s not like […]

kitchen island antique

How to Pull Off Antique Kitchen Island

Who said that the new stuff always better? That won’t apply on antique furniture! Well, just see how this Antique Kitchen Island is going. We all love antique furniture, to be honest, and we would love to see the lovely kitchen island to be put in our kitchen perfectly. A lot of people may expect something new, but they don’t realize how amazing this antique furniture could be. If you […]

marble kitchen island

Modern Marble Top Kitchen Island

If you’re looking for a unique kind of Kitchen Island, you probably will love this marble top kitchen island. This is basically the kind of Kitchen Island with marble material on the surface, and it’s not put in there not for any reason. It is definitely looking beautiful and modern we all agree, but we can’t deny the function that it has given to it as well. As you’re going […]

unfinished kitchen island with seating

Pros and Cons of Unfinished Kitchen Island

Unfinished kitchen island comes with pros and cons which you should consider further when you are going to purchase this kind of island for your kitchen. An unfinished kitchen island comes with pros which are essential. From how it comes as the great solution for those who look for the matching finish which they can apply for their kitchen islands. The kitchen islands which are unfinished will allow their owners […]

building kitchen island from stock cabinets

4 Steps for Building A Kitchen Island In Your Outdoor Kitchen

When you are planning for building a kitchen island, especially for your outdoor kitchen there are 4 steps which you can follow. First is considering the location. Build a kitchen island in the perfect location is important to give a nice view because it looks like the island is perfectly placed. You should measure the amount of space which is available to build an island in your outdoor kitchen well. […]

granite kitchen island

Pros and Cons of Granite Kitchen Island

Granite kitchen island comes with pros and cons which you can consider further when you are planning for purchasing an kitchen island. From pros, a granite kitchen island indeed has the irresistable beauty whic delivers a kitchen island to the next level of beauty. You are provided with more than 20 shades which you can find the one that suist best in your kitchen. With various shade options, you can […]

diy kitchen island plans

The DIY Kitchen Island Project to Beautify the Kitchens

Do you want to be able to create your own kitchen island? Try this DIY kitchen island project which is easy to build. It will cost you only less than $ 300 to build. This means a lot of saving as normally such kitchen islands will cost about $ 4000 and this number excludes the countertop. Imagine just how much you are going to spend on the makeover if you […]

wood island legs

Beautify Your Kitchen Island with Kitchen Island Legs

Kitchen island legs come with various designs which are mostly elegant to beautify a kitchen island. By adding legs to a kitchen island, the kitchen might look more spacious and open. There are many leg design options which are available from turned or square, recessed or freestanding, flat or profiled, small or large. The kitchen island legs come with many design options which you can use to add details on […]